Original post published May 24, 2017

Translated by Stefaniya, Grade 10

On May 17, 2017 in the senior group of kindergarten there was a “Party of success”. To support their children and share the success with them, the most significant people came – their parents. 

In the beginning of the party the caretakers congratulated all the children and their parents on finishing the school year.

Next school year we are all moving to the Preschool class,  but it turned out that in order to get there you have to go through the magic gate. What kind of gates are those and where to find them? 

You can get this information from the caretakers of the preparatory class, which we did. It turned out that only the smartest, the bravest and the most skillful can go through the gates. Only those who are like the students of the senior group of the International Gymnasium of Skolkovo!

Children had to complete some tasks before they could get the key to the cipher, and they, of course, did well because next to them were their parents, who for some time became the students of the Gymnasium and helped the kids with the tasks. The tasks were not easy: firstly, it was necessary to make a layout of the seasons; then present it to the group, do calculations in a mathematical game “Calculating machine”, solve the puzzle “Tangram” and fill the reflective paper “I see, I think, I get surprised”.

All the efforts were not in vain, the kids got the key to the cipher and could read the encrypted word, and the word was “parents” because the magic gates were the parents of the students.  The parents were arranged like in the game “Trickle”. Like that, they symbolized the gates, and the kids went through the gates hand in hand.

At the end of the party all the students of the senior year got invitation cards to the preparatory class. Parents were not left without attention too: children gave them dolls-amulets and the most active parents were noted with a certificate of gratitude.

The party ended with national games and a relay race, which were organised by Pavel Nikolaevich and Semyon Aleksandrovich. The senior group proved to be not only smart, attentive, and curious, but also fast, adroit and, most importantly, – amicable.