By Svetlana, Grade 10.

On December 18, the first ballads evening was held at the International Gymnasium of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. 

The concert was organised by the teachers of Russian language and literature, together with the Department of Arts, and both MYP and DP students were involved in the performance.

One of the brightest moments of the concert was the song "Old Woman, Shut the Door" by the six graders.  Not only were we struck by the beautiful performance, but we were also impressed by the six grader Maxim who played the role of the old woman.

".. The idea itself was extraordinary and unexpected," one of the students, Grigory, said.

In addition, many noted the performance of the tenth grader Nikita, who wonderfully played the flute. It is worth noting that he had mastered this skill in a few days, especially for the ballads evening.

"there were some minor organizational issues, but the performance of  10 DP grade was really brilliant," said one of the students.