By Svetlana, Grade 10.

On December 19, the third charity fair was held at the Skolkovo Innovation Center International Gymnasium.

The key idea of the fair was encapsulated in the slogan "Spend your money on good things", which was printed on posters and T-shirts of the student council members. 

The student council had been discussing the format of the charity event since October before they decided to choose the format of charity fair, which is already quite popular in the gymnasium. This time some changes were introduced -  the students could buy not only cookies and jewelry, but also books, toys and board games. 

The event raised more than 130,000 rubles in cash, which were sent to the Vera Hospice Care Foundation.  Last year it took two charitable events (Christmas Fair and International Cookie Fair) to collect an equal sum of money, and this year-just one; the fact we cannot but rejoice at. 

"It [the fair] passed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Everyone was happy, "said Grigory from the 9th grade who took part in the event.