By Mishel, Grade 9  and Leonid, Grade 10.

On the 24th of November our gymnasium was visited by an IB authorization team. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate how well our school is prepared to teach IB MYP. Our students organized a school tour for the team and the student council had a meeting with the visitors.


In November a group of six students from IG Skolkovo prepared a school tour for the visitors from IB. The tour was designed to show the new facilities of our Gymnasium and give an idea of our school life. Also, our guests held a meeting with the members of Middle School Student Council (MSSC), which is composed of students from all grades of Middle school. The students particularly appreciated the free form of the meeting. But let’s start with the very beginning. What about the tour?! And I think the best source is the original source. So we interviewed some members of MSSC about the tour they had given.

Kate from the 9th grade:

  • All in all, it took us about two weeks to make it perfect, as we wanted it to be interesting and informative. Actually, it was the 3rd time that I had been a school guide.

Eva from the 9th grade: 

  • I wasn’t really nervous, as I was absolutely sure that our team was fully ready for this activity. We showed them all the facilities of our gymnasium: our library, the swimming pool, the gym, the classrooms, TV and record studios and so on. I think they liked our library a lot ..

Alex from the 8th grade:

  • You know, this team was really friendly and I had a feeling that I’d known them for a long time!

On the whole, we can see that both the visitors and the students enjoyed the tour.

And now …… the answer to the main question : “to be or not to be?”On the 4th of December our Gymnasium received a letter from IB confirming that its application was successful.