Representatives of the German group of companies “Phoenix contact” and the Skolkovo Foundation laid the first stone of the partner center on the territory of the innovation center. By 2021, a regional center for development and industry competencies will be opened in the new building to serve the entire Eurasian region. As was noted more than once at the ceremony, this step by the company from Germany is symbolic: it testifies that, despite political difficulties, German business is still interested in investing in the Russian economy

‘Phoenix contact’ is a family-owned company that dates back to 1923 and is one of the world leaders in the production and development of components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. Phoenix Contact equipment is used in various industries: energy, oil and gas, engineering, instrumentation and many others. The group includes more than 100 subsidiaries worldwide.

The participants of the ceremony. Photo:

Despite the fact that the turnover of ‘Phoenix Contact’ last year amounted to 2.4 billion euros, according to German standards, the group of companies belongs to the category of medium-sized businesses. It is this size of company that account for a significant share of German investments in the Russian economy, stated the Chairman of the Board of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce Matthias Schepp: “Despite the rather difficult political situation, things are going well in the economy. We owe this mainly to medium-sized enterprises and family-owned companies. They are resistant to crises; they have a reserve of courage.” A similar thought was voiced in the speech of Thomas Graf, Director of the Department of Economics and Science of the German Embassy in Russia: “Phoenix Contact is a symbol of all that is good in the German economy. It is an innovative and global company.

Alexey Belyakov: we are proud that we have a partner with such ambitious plans. Photo:

The opening of its center in Skolkovo strengthens the activity of ‘Phoenix Contact’, that has been associated with Russia for many years. This shows that German businesses are still interested in doing business with Russia”.  In 2002, a subsidiary in Russia, ‘Phoenix Contact RUS’, was established with its head office and warehouse in Moscow, as well as 17 branches in the regions of the Russian Federation. “Seventeen years ago, when we came to Russia, we started small. We now have 17 representative offices that are scattered throughout the country. We have a production facility in Stupino. And shortly, in 2021, our new partner center for industry competencies will open its doors. This means that it is here that new products will be developed both for Russia and for the whole world,” said Frank Stürenberg, President and Chairman of the Executive Council of ‘Phoenix Contact’ in Germany.

According to him, after Germany, the USA and China, Russia becomes the fourth country where the company relies on a combination of production, logistics and the development of new technologies. “In the near future, the project in Skolkovo will occupy a leading position among our projects where our concern will be invested,” he added.


The project in Skolkovo will be on a plot of 13,500sq.m where a “Phoenix Contact RUS” regional center for development and industry competencies will be built, as well as an office-administrative building and a warehouse complex “We are proud that we have a partner with such ambitious plans,” said Alexei Belyakov, vice president and executive director of the Skolkovo Foundation’s advanced manufacturing technology cluster.  “Today we are laying the first stone in the foundation of the Phoenix Contact research center, I hope that the interaction will be not only infra-structural, but rather ecosystem. We hope that Phoenix Contact will interact with our start-ups, Skoltech, and become a very active participant in the Skolkovo ecosystem, since Skolkovo is not just a place on the map, but an ideology. ”

Elena Semenova:   Skolkovo is a unique project not only for Russia, but also for Europe. Photo:

With the advent of Skolkovo, the possibility of where to place the development center was not even in question for Phoenix Contact, recalled Elena Semenova, CEO of Phoenix Contact RUS. According to her, Skolkovo is a unique project not only for Russia, but also for Europe. “Within the framework of Skolkovo, industry, scientific and technological developments, a technology park, the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, as well as infrastructure to improve the quality of life of people working here are connected. For example, this is a residential complex and a school, - said Elena Semenova. “Being an integral part of this unique project is a great honour for us.”